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About Us

Find My Doctor

Find My Doctors is the leading online resource for patients to find and connect with the right doctor or hospital. We help millions of people each year find and connect with healthcare Doctors. You can search for top-rated doctors or hospitals on our site, read what other patients have to say about them, and book an appointment. We also have a large library of slideshows, articles and videos to help you learn more about the specific condition you have or the procedure you need.

Find My Doctors is a vision of Help and transformation. Every year 97,78,073 people die in India. 35% of these people lose their lives due to lack of awareness and the inability to reach the right doctor. 89 out of 1000 child deaths are preventable due to lack of proper diagnosis. 90% of the 2.50 million new cases of breast cancer each year can be cured if diagnosed at an early stage. Find My Doctors envisions bridging this gap between the stakeholders of the health industry, health practitioners and the recipients of their services, using technology. Find My Doctors is an IT supported product in the form of a mobile application and website.

Find My Doctors basic purpose is to provide better healthcare facilities for your utmost comfort. We are here to make a difference and thrive in beneficial ways which will hopefully serve not only us but all future generations. We want to make healthcare trusted, reliable and convenient. Healthcare is a very essential sector all over the world, however, it has sadly been neglected in India over the years. It is also one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries.

We are a healthcare startup that started in 2022, a technology that is acting as a bridge between IMR verified Doctors, trusted & leading Pathology Labs with the patients.

Our Mission

To make it possible for everyone to live a healthy life and in case of any illness, they should know that someone has got their back

Our Vision

Quality healthcare experience for patients via technology, micro-clinics and chain of hospitals all across India.