Refunds & Exchange Policy:

Refunds & Exchange Policy:

The cancellation of request should be informed by the patient 2 hours before the appointment. e.g. If you have booked an appointment for 8:00 PM, then you must inform for cancellation before or at 6:00 PM then your payment will be refunded on request, otherwise, your payment will expire.

If the request of cancellation is received after consultation time then it will not be entertained.

Upon receipt of a valid cancellation request, we will initiate a refund of the customer’s advance payment. The advance amount may be refunded through IBFT or by reversing the processed transaction. Under no circumstances, cash will be refunded against any cancellation.

After the evidence of payment is received by the patient and after its verification, refunds will be processed within 48 working hours. We will not refund any payment before the completion of proper verification/ approval.

Please note that we shall not be responsible for any delays in credit to the Cardholder’s credit card account/ accountholder’s bank account due to any reasons cited by the Payment Gateway or Cardholder’s issuing bank.

No refunds/cancellation requests shall be entertained in case of payment against bills/services received.

We will keep the record of every single refund separately.

What Find My Doctors need to refund your payment?

Send evidence of payment on which date of transfer is mentioned.

Send evidence on which account number, from which you have transferred payment, is written.

You have to provide your Account Number otherwise payment will be transfer to an account that is written in the payment evidence you provided.

In case of payment made by any Credit Card, the patient needs to provide his Account, it will not be refunded in Credit Card.

When refund requests will not be entertained?

The patient is not satisfied with the doctor (after consultation).

The patient was not available at the time of the appointment.

The patient is being rude with Dr. during call/ appointment.

Payment will not be refunded if the patient contact Find My Doctors for a refund after 2 days of sending money.

The patient is neither providing account details, nor they are mentioned in payment evidence, payment will not be refunded.

Governing law:

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of India and the competent courts at Dehradun shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Dispute Resolution:

Any dispute arising in relation to the terms and conditions will be submitted to a sole arbitrator appointed by Find My Doctors under the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, and any applicable rules there under. The venue of Arbitration shall be at Dehradun.


All payment details which are entered through this payment gateway are encrypted when the customer enters them. Find My Doctors shall not be liable for any failure by the Customer making the payment to properly protect data from being seen on their screen by other persons or otherwise obtained by such other persons, during or after the online payment process.

Variations to the Terms and Conditions:

Find My Doctors reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time and the current version will be published on this website. Find My Doctors also reserves the right to decline the acceptance of the online payment without assigning any reason.